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Andromeda, was bored most of the time. Her day normally consisted of staying in her room, reading the books Dr. Barnaby had sneaked in for her. But there was only so many times you could re-read the same books over and over and over again. Andy sighed, deciding to find if there was at least someone to talk to other than her self. She strolled out of her room, making her way through hallways, hoping to find someone, but not having any luck. “Well, this sucks.”

With a strong slap to the wall in front of her, Sirius grinned. He surely had to have stopped Andromeda in her tracks.. It wasn’t his intention to have them run into each other, either. “Cousin.” Sirius drawled out, “Funny seeing you here.” His tone and look was almost malicious, but not quite. Sirius was a bit strange now that he’d been locked up so long… but not all too different from the person he used to be.. on the right medication. “You shouldn’t be walking around alone, you know… dangerous.” Sirius flicked some of Andromeda’s hair out of her face.

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First for many; Last for few. / Regulus & Sirius.



“What… What do you mean?” Regulus asked, confused by his brother’s words. His green eyes stared straight into Sirius, frowned a little, upset and his mind filling up with questions. He sighed and leaned back on his seat, adverting his eyes from his brother.

“Alright, where do you want to meet?” He answered with a sigh, his tone clearly showing the slight annoyance he felt at the situation.

Why couldn’t his brother just talk to him and be happy to see him in public? Regulus knew his brother had been here for a while and he could understand why he wouldn’t want to speak of the past… but this began to feel like the past. The past where Regulus lived in his brother’s shadow, where Sirius was too cool to hang out often with his little brother, where all the hopes were put into the elder Black…
And despite all this, Regulus had wished to be more like his brother all his life. He strived to please Sirius and make him proud so one day maybe he too could shine in the same light. But Regulus realized even here, a reputation had to be kept and that’s what mattered.

Back and forth, Sirius glanced at anyone that may or may not be able to hear him. He leaned in and looked up into Regulus’ eyes, “I mean if I begin to cry in this place, they’ll never let me live it down.” Sirius muttered before he leaned back again and began to eat. Or attempt to eat. He had to shovel it in and keep it down. The medication they had him on caused him to lose his appetite. He’d rather not lose any more weight than he already had.
“That’s all it is. It’s not like I don’t want to speak to you.” He admitted, “It’s much harder for me now than it used to be. We’re different now, you know?” Sirius picked at his fruit.. that looked far too old to be edible. “Do you want to be seen as some baby in here? It’s like prison. I’d rather not have the more sane people bothering you for being sensitive.”

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First for many; Last for few. / Regulus & Sirius.


Regulus swallowed down the emotion chocking him as he stared back into his brother’s eyes. He had almost completely forgotten that Sirius believed his little brother was dead. It was, after all, the reason why he had done what he did to get here. Reg squeezed the older one’s hand and pinched his lips together, feeling his heart sink deeper and deeper within himself at the sight of how broken Sirius was. How lonely he must’ve been… The horrors he must’ve gone through…
“You aren’t dead, Sirius. You’re right here… and so am I.” He stated, trying to keep a happy tone in opes his brother would feel better from those confirmed facts.

Regulus nodded and smiled sheepishly at him.
“I’m not going anywhere. We’re getting out of here together… or we stay here together. I’m not leaving here without you.” He averted his green eyes from his brother’s. “I have nowhere to go to anymore… You’re the only home I have left, Sirius.”

Sirius’ blank eyes stared at Regulus for what seemed like ages. He said nothing for the longest time, either. Sirius took his hand back and grabbed his plastic spoon. Slowly, he shoveled some of the in-edible looking food into his mouth to keep from having to speak. Sirius shook his head.

"Be quiet. I don’t want to speak about the past." He said as he looked up at his brother.
“Don’t… Don’t do this here. I have a face to keep. Will you come to me later?”

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